I'm having a bit of trouble....
I have an Ubuntu Minimal 11.04 install with XBMC live on it. In XBMC I have the rom collection browser, which basically is a pretty face to zsnes. When ever i start zsnes to play a rom, in exactly 10 mins the screen will go black. Any press of the keyboard will undo this. I wish to stop this blanking.

What I've tried:
I went through all of XBMC's sceensaver settings and disabled them.
I tried to un-install xscreensaver with aptitude from a shell, but it says it's not even installed.
I used xset and turned dpms off, xset q confirms this.

with all these things done, i still get a blank screen right in the middle of hang gliding on pilot wings. damn my bad luck.

Thanks so much for even reading.