Hi all, I've run into a problem which I am hoping someone will have some tips on fixing. Or tell me I'm out of luck until something is changed. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 with the default Unity desktop. I've recently changed graphics card from an Nvidia card to an ATI HD 5770. I removed the Nvidia drivers and installed the ATI proprietary FGLRX driver.

The driver seems to be working OK, direct rendering is enabled, and tests like glxgears indicate openGL works fine. However, I've noticed some odd behavior with window borders, and some other problems. I'm pretty sure they didn't occur with the Nvidia driver.

1) When an app is windowed (not maximized) the borders don't update when an application gives feedback through the window titles. For example, Firefox does not display the current page title in the border as it should do, it stays as "Ubuntu Start Page" which is my default homepage, regardless of how many pages I've been to since. See pic.

2) The close/minimize/maximize buttons work, but about half the time don't have the usual animation when the mouse pointer is hovered over them.

3) With Libreoffice, when re-sizing the window by dragging a corner, it can cause issues where the window turns darker, and stays darker, and an orange border stays around the outside. This interferes with other windows. For example in this picture, after re-sizing LibreOffice Writer to deliberately cause the issue, I opened a terminal and put it over the top of LO. You can see the border and shading affecting the terminal window. If this happens the only way to cure it is to close and restart LibreOffice.

The first and third issues are a real annoyance for me, while the second is somewhat trivial.

Switching to Unity 2D solves all of these problems, but really the 3D desktop should work, shouldn't it? I'm not sure it can be blamed on driver problems alone, as I use the same driver in OpenSUSE KDE, and that does not have any notable issues.