First off, I am relatively new to ubuntu and linux but, I do know the basics about operating a server with it. I have a very old (8-9 year old?) Dell Inspiron 4400 with Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) Server Edition. Being relatively new to linux I wanted a GUI to poke around with for things I didn't know how to do in terminal. So since this is an older machine I wanted to try LXDE.

I used the commands: apt-get install lxde xinit
and: startx

then it would give me a whole bunch of errors a couple taking about non existent moduels (nvidia, and nv) so on a hunch one of my friends tried to install video card drives. I have no idea what he did but now when I boot up it takes me to a login screen. When I try and log in it starts flashing between a terminal screen showing the start up processes and a blue screen (same color as login). And it won't load.

Any one out there know how I can make lxde work so that I boot into a terminal screen and then can use startx to get visual?