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Thread: Problem with samba user config

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    Problem with samba user config

    I have a samba share for user1 that works with "security = user" and user map file. User1 owns the share and is in the group users. Recently I added user2 who should be able to read the share of user1. So I set the group permission for users to read, added user2 to this group and created with
    smbpasswd -ae user2
    a samba user2. I also mapped the samba username to the linux username in /etc/samba/smbusers.

    However, I cannot login with user2.

    This is the output from the log file when trying to connect with user2.

    [2012/02/01 11:27:35.069105,  1] smbd/service.c:678(make_connection_snum)
      create_connection_server_info failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
    What to do?

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    Re: Problem with samba user config

    Found the solution:
    During my extensive try and error journey I left by mistake the entry
    valid users = user1
    in smb.conf. After adding user2 the problem was solved.

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