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Thread: Testers needed for PowerPC 12.04

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    Re: Testers needed for PowerPC 12.04

    I removed the iso since nobody outside of the usual posters seemed interested and nobody was testing the updated packages I posted.


    An expanded justification for eep:

    One of the main reasons for the iso was to make it easier for imac G3/G4 users so that it worked "out of the box". The iso in its current state fails for G3 users in this regard becuase I set it up to boot into exa mode, and we have since learned that there are problems with this.

    The r128 package has now been upgraded/updated, but I'm not prepared to put another iso together with it unless the package has been tested. It takes a lot of time to build an iso and upload it. Far far more than for a r128 user to test the packages I uploaded.

    There are other niggly things wrong with the iso, I gave some dodgy advice to radeon users for example.

    I was not happy with it, so I removed it.

    But I have not stopped a user from installing xubuntu if they want. They should just use the mini iso. And I have not ruled out an improved iso being produced, but that is dependant on people testing the packages I posted. An existing lubuntu or whatever user could do this, it is not necessary to install xubuntu to test the xorg packages.
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