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Thread: Root-Konqueror doesn't find settings

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    Unhappy Root-Konqueror doesn't find settings

    I'm using Kubuntu Trinity 10.10 and there is a very annoying bug: When starting something as root, the pathes get lost. E.G. root-konsole doesn't find kde-apps. So I set up the kde-paths in /etc/environment, /root/.profile /root.bashrc and can start apps from a root-konsole now. ;-P

    Problem now: Root-Konqueror (and maybe other root-apps as well) still doesn't find all pathes. Started with sudo, kdesu or from a root-terminal, konqueror has a blank settings-page and doesn't remember detailed list-view.

    So I looked around on the web and found out that konqueror has to be started this way to work correctly as root:

    sudo PATH=/opt/kde3/bin:/opt/kde3/games:/opt/kde3/bin:$PATH KDEDIRS=/usr/:/opt/kde3/ KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde3 XDG_DATA_DIRS=/opt/kde3/share/:/usr/share/ MANPATH=/opt/kde3/share/man konqueror &
    This command indeed is working!
    However, when I type the same command from a root-terminal it doesn't. Anybody knows why?

    I already played around with env_reset in sudoers. The first lines look like this now:

    Defaults        env_reset
    Defaults        !secure_path
    Defaults        env_keep="KDEHOME,PATH"
    Starting a root-konsole from a normal konsole with sudo
    >sudo konsole
    shows that the new konsole indeed is getting the KDEHOME-variable from the user.
    echo $KDEHOME
    even though it's typed into a root-terminal. However, the line
    echo $PATH
    leads to this output:
    but it should read:

    After playing around with colors for the command-line, I noticed that a konsole started from another konsole always seem to read the bashrc-file from the parent-console - no matter which user it is called for. E.g. an xterm-window called from a root-console always shows colors from root's bashrc. It doesn't matter if it shows a root-bash or a user-bash.
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