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Thread: USing a different volume for mythbuntu

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    USing a different volume for mythbuntu

    Hi all,

    I am very new to mythbuntu and ubuntu. I have several drives in my PC. My boot drive is a 120 gig PATA. But that is not big enough for recording lots of TV, in fact I can't watch more than 10 minutes of HD. I also have a couple of 2 TB SATA drives and want to use that for video. Currently my mythtv is both frontend and backend. But in the near future, once I get my way around things, I'll use one or two small frontend net PC's. Maybe fanless. I am running mytbuntu 11.10

    Anyway, I have a few questions.

    I created a directory structure for livetv, recordings, etc. on a 2 TB drive and changes the owner to mythtv. Then I went into backend setup and pointed the directory's to my larger drive's directories. It's working, but I have only started using this. Am I missing something?

    Can I easily make a RAID-0 out of my two 2 TB drive's in ubuntu? Previously this PC acted as a FreeNAS server and that was easy.

    If I want to share my volumes on my network do I just share or do I want to make a NAS? I don't really see the advantage of a NAS if I can easily share on the network. Is that correct?

    One last question. I want to put the PC in a closet so I don't have to hear the noise. Any advice on a VNC program that I can use with my macbook pro to access the mythbuntu backend machine?

    I know that's a lot of questions but I do appreciate any pointers.

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    Re: USing a different volume for mythbuntu

    You can use storage groups which allows easier management

    You can use gparted (it should be in the repos) to set up RAID

    Sharing is fine, but unnecessary if you are only intending to use front-ends.

    Sorry, can't recommend any VNC clients for Mac, but they should be fairly easy to find.

    Chicken of the VNC seems popular.
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    Re: USing a different volume for mythbuntu

    Thanks for the info!


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