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Thread: Email hacked?

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    Re: Email hacked?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dangertux View Post
    Emiller is correct those IPs are on the same subnet AND geographically close enough that they could be assigned to the same device. 3G load balancing and Anycast isn't as definitive as a traditional network connection. They could be pulling different IPs from different areas depending on where the device was located in relation to the nearest tower. Essentially, it could be the same device. Are you sure you've never logged in on another device? Or maybe someone knows your password? Boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate brother sister etc...

    Just a thought.
    none knows it and I only use my laptop and have checked it on this desktop a handful of times (which no one uses but me and my grandparents and they are computer illiterate)

    I've had my passwords change and had someone gain complete control over my android phone in the past. I've even had my bios password changed so that I was locked out.
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    Re: Email hacked?

    Worth keeping in mind that if you use a smart phone that runs Android you may have had to use a Google account to set it up, so even if you don't use it to actively check your Gmail account it might be passively doing so, or it may just hit the same authentication page when you access a different Google service that uses the same Gmail account. The synch features for those phone applications are usually enabled by default but I think they can be turned off or at least set to manual.

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