I am trying to create a pdf file from about 20 jpg files. The jpg pics are comics. So once I convert the 20 jpg in the pdf, it will be a single pdf file. I use the following command:
convert *.jpg output.pdf
it create the output file in pdf format.

But the problem is that some pages are smaller than others. i.e. you have to zoom in and out every few pages. it gets annoying. The first page is perfect size, I am able to read the text, pictures are clear, etc. but page 7 is smaller (as well as some other pages). page 7 is seen with smaller borders than other pages in the pdf file even though it is basically the same size in pixels (dimensions).

After looking closely at the jpg files associated with the pdf pages that are smaller, I discovered that the jpg files associated with smaller pages were smaller in size i.e. 500 kB. Most of the others are above 1 megabyte, but some are around 500 kb.

So I guess to sum up, How do I create a pdf file out of multiple jpg files (with different file size: kb, mb, etc.), where the pdf pages all have the same dimensions.

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