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Thread: Boot loaders that support USB hubs?

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    Boot loaders that support USB hubs?

    My computer's BIOS doesn't have the ability to boot from USB. I know about (and have used) Plop Boot Manager to do it on here, but it doesn't support hubs (there was talk that hub support might appear in 5.1, but that's not out yet). That means that I can only use the USB 1.1 ports in front, or just about kill myself trying to reach around back to plug it into the USB 2.0 expansion card I installed several years ago.

    But are there any solutions, that like Plop can enable USB boot on computers that don't support it, but also support using a hub to connect the drive?

    And does the USB bus speed really matter that much for Live USB sessions, aside from the initial time needed to load it into memory?

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    Re: Boot loaders that support USB hubs?

    Moved to general help forum.


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