Hello world!

I recently bought this laptop and everything kinda falls apart.

Firstly let's say i'm not really a noob. I use linux as my primary and only os for quite a while. I feel very disappointed because i have to write this from my sisters (winblows) computer.

Let's get down to problem.

Laptop config.
i5/8gb ddr3/500gb hdd/ nvidia 525/multitouch capable touchpad/

when i install xubuntu the first thing i notice is that multitouch is not working AT ALL. System recognizes it as regular mouse and does not even try to load synaptics driver. But that is minor problem compared to next one.

After installation of nvidia proprietary driver i notice that nothing happened. So i opened nvidia settings and it suggested me to run nvidia-xconf command as root. That command generated xorg.conf which led to complete disaster. Xubuntu started hanging on boot. I could login without x (ctrl-alt-f1). then i had to reverse changes made to xorg.conf

So I need help to make it work. I want my multitouch and i want my graphics card to work. Tried linux mint(both ubuntu and debian), and pure ubuntu. They all had symptoms like that. And i tried manually downloading and installing driver with same result - failing very hard.