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Thread: NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

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    Exclamation NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

    I just found this old cd in my basement, remember playing it in middle school. It is a Myst type game but a lot darker and completely insane. I've tried running it about every way I can think of, and I'll keep trying, but I could really use some help. I'm better at DOS than I am with linux, and I suck at DOS... I'm running natty narwhal if someone could try this on the newest or an older version that'd be greeaaat. I might be able to upload my copy if the copyright is up on it and there is interest? Game was a flop when it came out but I had fun with it, maybe if I can play it now I could actually beat is COMPLETELY INSANE

    Anyway, here's some screenshots showing as many things as I can on the screen, hopefully somebody here can help, I'll add more as I try more things
    The setup menu in the center of teh screen is from when I run it normally through Wine or Wine Core exe it gets to 100% then errors out and spits up the black terminal in the top left
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    Re: NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

    am I even on the right track trying to install the run commands? cant get anything to work... I put the CD image on my hard drive so I'll start trying things that way.

    edit- I just found the game for $3, someone want to buy it and try to get it working with me?
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    Re: NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

    WALL OF TEXT, readme.txt

    game is ~650mb on CD

    Welcome to 9 - The Last Resort for PCs running Windows 95

    You have received a mysterious package...

    An enigmatic relative, your distant Uncle Thurston, has
    bequeathed you his entire estate, including the
    centerpiece of his holdings, the famed Last Resort...

    A will, a postcard, a tourist's brochure... all
    indicative of the splendor that once graced this faded
    temple to the creative spirit... but those days,
    apparently, were long ago...

    Now you are entrusted with the care of The Last
    Resort... and soon you will realize you've inherited not
    just a deteriorating mansion, but also your family's
    twisted legacy...


    Minimum Hardware Configuration:

    * 486/66 processor
    * Double-speed CD-ROM drive
    * 16MB RAM
    * 15MB available hard disk space
    * 13" display (640x480 pixels) capable of displaying
    256 colors
    * SoundBlaster or compatible sound card
    * Mouse


    * Windows 95
    * QuickTime for Windows 2.1 (included)

    Recommended for improved performance:

    * PC with Pentium processor
    * 20MB or more RAM
    * Quad-speed or faster CD-ROM drive
    * High-quality headphones or external loudspeakers


    1. Start your computer and insert the CD into the CD-ROM

    2. Click on "Start".

    3. In the Start menu, highlight "Settings" then click on
    "Control Panel".

    4. Double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the
    Control Panel window.

    5. Then click on Install.

    6. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the

    When the program files have been successfully installed, the
    installer will prompt you to install QuickTime for Windows,
    which is required to run 9. If necessary, the QuickTime installer
    will remove any older versions of QuickTime already present on
    your computer. After QuickTime installation is completed, the
    installer will return you to the Windows 95 desktop.

    To start the game:

    1. Cick on Start.

    2. Highlight "Programs", then "The Last Resort" folder.

    3. Double-click the "Nine" icon to launch the program.


    Key Action:

    [ Turns the volume down.
    ] Turns the volume up.
    Spacebar Temporarily displays the object you are carrying,
    if any.
    Shift Displays a Backward cursor, allowing you to move
    back to your previous location.
    Ctrl-T Toggles between "Best Transitions" and
    "Fast Transitions".
    Ctrl-Z Enables or disables "Zip Mode" Navigation.
    Ctrl-M Summons Isadora and displays 9's Main File screen.
    Ctrl-N Displays Isadora's "New Game" screen.
    Ctrl-O Displays Isadora's "Open Game" screen.
    Ctrl-S Saves changes to the current game, or displays
    Isadora's "Save As" screen if the game has not yet
    been given a name.
    Ctrl-Q Displays Isadora's "Quit Game" screen.


    9 is designed to use the full multimedia capabilities of
    your computer. Performance may vary according to the
    configuration of your computer system and CD-ROM drive.
    To experience 9 at its best:

    * Make sure you have an appropriate system configuration
    as described in the System Requirements section. In
    particular, make sure you have enough available system

    * Make sure you have installed both the 9 program files
    and the necessary system extensions, including
    QuickTime. For more information, refer to the
    Installation section in this document, and the Guest
    Services booklet included with 9.

    * Make sure you have turned off all background
    processes, such as screen savers and networking
    services, while playing 9.

    * Make sure your monitor is set to display 256 colors,
    and to ensure an optimal viewing area, choose a
    640 x 480 pixel display mode. These options are
    available in the 'Settings' section of the 'Display'
    Control Panel.

    If you are still having problems running 9, read the

    Hardware-related issues:

    * Many video problems can often be traced to
    incompatible drivers for the video board. If all else
    fails, it often works to substitute the generic
    Microsoft SVGA driver that comes with Windows.

    * Make sure your sound card is properly configured and
    that you are using updated drivers. Also, your CD-ROM
    drive should not be connected to a SoundBlaster 16

    * Make sure your CD-ROM drive is properly configured and
    that it is not accidentally sharing a DMA channel with
    another device.

    * Make sure your CD-ROM drive is properly configured and
    that the CD-ROM cache is not too large.

    For more information regarding system configurations,
    please refer to the documentation that came with your
    computer or contact your dealer.

    Windows 4.0-related issues:

    * The PC Magazine benchtests, "WinStone" and "WinBench
    95" can cause a General Protection Fault in the
    QTIM.DLL. The easiest solution is to get rid of these
    utilites. * Avoid clicking while 9 is launching. This
    can cause the game to display the wrong colors. * If the
    QuickTime movies in 9 appear to be choppy, your system
    may need a performance fix. The fix only comes on the
    Windows 95 CD. It is in the directory:


    QuickTime Installer issues:

    * Installing QuickTime on a PC with the colordepth set
    to greater than 8-bit can cause a "divide-by-zero"
    error. The solution is to set the colordepth of your
    display to 8-bit prior to installing QuickTime. If the
    error persists, free up conventional memory by stripping
    down AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG.SYS.

    * An error message may come up saying that one of the
    QuickTime files is in use or can't be written to. To fix
    this problem:

    1. Go to Start->Settings->Control Panels->Multimedia. 2.
    Click the Advanced tab, then Media Control Devices. 3.
    Choose [MCI] QuickTime for Windows. 4. Restart


    If you require additional information, visit GT
    Interactive's website at:

    The Support section provides lists of FAQs (Frequently
    Asked Questions), troubleshooting tips, and other useful

    For further technical support, call GT Interactive's
    Tech Support at 716/871-6646 (business days, 8AM to
    midnight Eastern time). Please be ready with
    information about your particular system and setup.
    Windows users: please prepare printouts of your
    CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, if possible.

    You can also mail your questions to our technical
    support team. Send a letter, including as much detail
    as possible, to:

    GT Interactive Software Attention: Technical Support /
    Quality Assurance Department 1 Nixon Lane Edison,
    NJ 08817


    For a complete list of all those who helped make 9 a
    reality, summon Isadora and choose the moon labeled

    9 1996 Tribeca Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Created and published by Tribeca Interactive, Inc.
    Distributed by GT Interactive Software Corp. Windows is
    a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
    PowerPC is a trademark of International Business
    Machines Corporation. Apple, Macintosh, and Power
    Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.,
    registered in the U.S.A. and other countries. Mac and
    the Mac OS logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
    QuickTime and the QuickTime logo are trademarks used
    under license. Portions of this software are Copyright
    1990-95 Aladdin Systems. 9 is "Made with Macromedia."
    Director 1994-96 Macromedia, Inc. All other trademarks
    are the property of their respective holders.

    TL,DR - Im'a install quicktime now and see what happens

    "With my monocle you can see through the monkey's balls" might I remind you this game is b@ts|-|*t insane with some excellent voices and sounds plus decent graphics, i think above par for the time....i might be off a bit on that quote, but not by much
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    Re: NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

    I'm about out of ideas...quicktime install went through no problem, still can't install form CD or ISO. I've tried lots of different configs in wine tools, every version of windows, virtual desktop or not, tried using the same settings I did for go. Any ideas?? I guess my last chance is to get my brother over here and look at it with me or wipe my drive and dual boot with windows, I might do that anyway.

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    Re: NINE, 9 The Last Resort, need working

    One thread per problem please.



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