Very often pages don't load in my browser, I've tried several browsers. Sites time out, while they sometimes work. Sometimes I can't reach www.gmail.com, sometimes I can but after that I haven't been able to log in. Same with this site, it frequently time-outs, I couldn't register on the forums however I was able to log in. But after opening a topic, it wouldn't post so I had to retype everything on my other machine.

On the other hand, Thunderbird email works well, software center works and downloading large files off the internet goes blazingly fast! (If I'm lucky enough to load the page from where to download )

I'm using a Netgear wireless pcmcia card. I've tried the things mentioned on http://www.unixmen.com/resolve-slow-...natty-narwhal/ and disabling wifi card's power management, with no luck.

Same problem was experienced on other networks, but only with Ubuntu.

Hope someone can help!
Kind regards