Hey all,
I recently came back to linux after a long break (5+ years). I installed lubuntu 11.10 on an old machine. By default it used lxde. I wanted to see what gnome and kde are like these days so I installed them through the package manager and rebooted. When I go to the login screen I have about 10 options on the list. None of the gnome options work. For a few I get an error, and for the Gnome/Openbox option it looks like it loads halfway. I get the desktop background and icons AND right click menu, but nothing else.

For KDE there are 3 options and only one works, but it doesn't seem to be working right either. I threw fluxbox and xfce on too because I used to use fluxbox mainly, and xfce is supposed to be fast.

anyways, those don't work either. fluxbox seems to load up something else but halfway.

openbox was installed by default, and that appears to work. Enlightenment works.

What should I try to fix this?