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Thread: Flash aid

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    Flash aid

    Just did a fresh install and went on firefox addons page for flash aid an saw this what can i use ?

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    Re: Flash aid

    Thank you for your contributions. "So long and thanks for the fish!"

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    Re: Flash aid

    also you can download the latest flash plugin here . Copy the file to .mozilla/plugins directory and restart firefox. create the plugins directory if it doesn't exist already.

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    Re: Flash aid

    Hi, I am the developer of Flash-Aid and I will explain what is going on.

    The page you saw appeared because I had temporarily disabled the extension, but it is back online again.

    The reason to do that is that I received a warning from my web host stating that if I don't move to a dedicated server plan, they will shut down my web site due to excessive server load. Essentially, I have 28.000 Flash-Aid users automatically checking for flash updates every day.

    I won't be able to move my web site to a dedicated server and since this is the second time the hosting company forces me to upgrade to a better plan, I decided to shut down the site entirely. I am currently in the process of migrating the documentation and updating the extension to use GitHub for the updates. Hopefully, I will be able to release a new version of Flash-Aid in a couple of days, so the users can continue to retrieve the update files from the GitHub servers.

    BTW, I just added the latest flash version from Adobe.
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