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Thread: Gnome Shell Extension Tutorials , SDK & IDE

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    Angry Gnome Shell Extension Tutorials , SDK & IDE

    Currently I've installed gnome-shell (v3.0).
    Now I want to create extension on it.
    I'm little new to this and googled for tutorials, SDK & IDE for creating gnome-shell extension.
    But could not find a good solution.

    This is the following link I've got everywhere! But can't understand all its approach.

    It will be very helpful if you give me away to go through this. Is there any IDE or SDK or any tool-kit to code extensions? Is there any documentation of it?
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    Re: Gnome Shell Extension Tutorials , SDK & IDE

    Hello - I see this wasn't answered and it's been a while. As far as I understand it, the documentation is far behind (and still is as of this writing).

    There are a few tip sheets like the one you link to, but I don't think there is a really good one yet.

    If there is, would be glad to know.

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