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Gnopernicus will gradually be replaced with these tools over the next 6-12 months. I'm sure Gnopernicus has had some blind people involved, but i don't know. Certainly Orca was started by a blind coder, now joined by three others. And we have several visually impaired people on the Ubuntu team.
Hi all. I am one such vision impaired person involved with the Ubuntu Accessibility team. I have been working on Ubuntu accessibility for well over a year now, and what has been done in that time can be seen in the dapper release.

For those who are curious, I use Linux completely, for everything from web browsing to email, to writing documents. I use the console, and the Speakup Screen Reader with a hardware speech synthesizer. There are plenty of tools available on the console to be able to do the things I do. I hope to be able to use GNOME a lot more one day, as the various screen reading technologies are improved. My biggest hopes lie with Orca, due to its scripting capabilities for individual applications.

Feel free to either email me or privately message me if you have any questions regarding full-time Linux use, and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.