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Thread: Keyring, Wireless Network Editing

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    Exclamation Keyring, Wireless Network Editing

    Ok, so on my Dell Inspiron 1420 I had dual boot, XP on one side and Ubuntu 11.10 on the other. I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 11.10 onto my laptop and get rid of the XP side all together since I never use it anymore. I created a install disc to a USB drive and did it that way following the instructions precisely from the website.

    I am a university student and am required to login to the wireless network using credentials. Last semester and the semester before I was able to use the internet just fine. After my re-installation however I have run into a few problems.

    I am no longer able to connect to the network, so I ran their linux configuration tool needed to configure my machine so as to connect to their network to no avail. I typically get a dialogue box that pops up asking for a password, it has my username attached to it already. In that box there is a cancel and connect button, only the cancle button is now active. Also when I go to edit the wireless network or any network for that matter, I can make changes but I cannot save them as the save button is not active. I have attached a screen shot to help visualize the problem.

    Also my keyring seems to no longer be active, I am no longer prompted to use it when I turn my laptop on at home.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, I am now stuck tethering my cellphone, the phone company will just love me to pieces I'm sure.

    Thank You
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    Re: Keyring, Wireless Network Editing

    Same Problem here with the buttons, but a connection is possible.
    The Dialog shows a CANCEL and a CONNECT Button.
    The CANCEL Button connects.
    The CONNECT Button is enabled, but shows no reaction.

    (Gnome 3, Ubuntu 11.10)

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    Re: Keyring, Wireless Network Editing

    Its so annoying, I'm going to try and see what I can dig up tonight and tomorrow, I need my connection on campus, I'm getting so screwed lol

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