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Thread: Create an Ubuntu server to act as a multicast router

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    Create an Ubuntu server to act as a multicast router

    I will have the following network setup on the ubuntu server:

    eth0: - Default Route
    eth1: - PCs

    I have a multicast address of This system will be able to route to it through the default route, so no routing problems. A PC in the 192 subnet will have a different gateway (I.E. they will not be using the new ubuntu system ip address as a gateway to other networks). However, I want the new ubuntu systems to be able to respond to an IGMP request so that users can use VLC to view the stream at the

    - The multicast sources is PIM-Sparse, thereby needing this box to pull the stream in
    - The ubuntu box will need to pull the stream and proxy the stream on a reboot
    - The ubuntu box will generate a multicast on eth1
    - The PCs in the 192 network will use VLC to view the stream at (the ubuntu box would act as a bridge so the 192 network would not be aware of the 239 multicast)

    Which would be the best answer: smcroute or igmpproxy?

    I have been using my google-fu to try and find an answer, but there are vary sparse examples online. My main goal is so that the 192 is oblivious to anything but the 192 network, and doesn't know about anything 'north' of the ubuntu multicast server.


    smcroute conf file would look something like this I believe:
    mgroup from eth0 group
    mroute from eth0 group source to eth1
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