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Thread: undoing windows applied encryption mistakes

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    undoing windows applied encryption mistakes

    Hi guys
    New to this forum (but not forums generally) so if this is in the wrong place, please forgive me.
    I have been having the best time ever with Linux generally, utterly loving 10.04.3lts, should have switched uears ago, instead of 20 months ago. Anyway....

    I have a HDD that was part of my old windows setup. There's a folder on there that was marked "read only" and possibly encrypted by windows, the contents of which I would very much like to access and use, however despite all the permissions apparently being 7.7.7 I still get "permission denied" whenever I try to read any of them.
    What I'm hoping to find out is if there's any way that I can get my files free using any method. My worry is that windows will be the only way to free them, and even then, if they've been encrypted by a specific install they may not be recoverable at all. I don't want to have to use some úber-expensive federal/military-grade decryption software just to release 200 images, but I fear that's the only way to do it, which means I'll simply have to live without them.


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    Re: undoing windows applied encryption mistakes

    do you have the name of this file as used by windows? I ask because could it be something to do with windows internal workings and that may well be a hard nut to crack.


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