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Thread: Using the watch command remotely

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    Using the watch command remotely

    What I am trying to do is use watch to see who is logging into my server and who is attempting to log into my server. But do this all as part of a script.

    (I omitted my server address and password for obvious reasons)
    omega@desktop:~$ ssh SERVER "echo 'PASSWORD' | sudo -S watch 'netstat -nap | grep EST'"
    [sudo] password for omega: Error opening terminal: unknown.
    If i lose the watch command it works fine, the problem is, then I have to call the command every 2 seconds, including reloggin into the server via ssh.

    Its the whole "Error opening terminal:unknown" that gets me.

    Any idea?
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    Re: Using the watch command remotely

    Can't you set up ssh with a passwordless key? That would be way safer than providing your password in a plain text file:

    But I don't think that's the way to execute commands remotely. You're not piping anything.

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