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Thread: hardware issues with a hp Dv6 3182

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    hardware issues with a hp Dv6 3182

    hi there, I'm still new to Ubuntu forums, so if this is in the wrong place I am very sorry.
    Well first of all, I have a HP Dv6 3182ea laptop, with these specs:
    core i5 450m and Intel graphics
    ATI radion HD 5200 mobility series
    4 gigs of DDR 3 ram
    Ubuntu 11.10
    And/or Linux mint 12 (Lisa)

    I thought I should write all the specs out in case you need to know them. My issues are with the graphics mostly, The laptop comes with switchable graphics, but there is no option in Ubuntu to disable it as when I installed catalyst from the Ubuntu website, I got a black screen on the next boot. I want to be able to switch off the ATI card as the on-board Intel will suffice. There is NO option in BIOS to disable it, as I have checked many times over, and many updates..

    Secondly, The processor seems to run a lot hotter then it does in windows 7, I'm not too happy with this, the fan is always on and feels warm to the touch, which it doesn't on win7.

    I want to be able to use Ubuntu alone, and only have to use Win7 for MapleStory haha

    I really hope you can help me on this, Thank you very much on any input!

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    Re: hardware issues with a hp Dv6 3182

    The following article has some information about hybrid graphics:

    Since these graphics cards are still rather new, support is not as good as one would wish.

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