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Thread: Touchscreen film/foil and Ubuntu

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    Touchscreen film/foil and Ubuntu

    Hello guys,

    I have been thinking about buying IR touchscreen film that has USB connection for a project and I wonder do I get it working with Ubuntu? Does anyone have experience about this kind of stuff?

    Film will be something like this:


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    Re: Touchscreen film/foil and Ubuntu

    Hi, I have some experience with a few types on touchscreen on Ubuntu.

    You say it will be something like that one. So it is not that one?

    I haven't used an IR type touchscreen though I've got both a capacitive and a resistive USB touchscreen working using the drivers at enac.

    However it could be the touchscreen you use has its own Linux drivers.

    So it really depends on which screen you are using precisely Touchscreens are definitely usable with Ubuntu.

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