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Thread: Time to say goodbye

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    Time to say goodbye

    After again having had to make the experience that forum staff are neither willing, nor able to address misconduct of one of their own, but instead will focus on harassing and threatening the one who complained about this misconduct, I'd like to ask you to delete my account.

    After being insulted (yet again) by frodon with his accusation that I misunderstand him on purpose, I dared to publicly state that I felt that this accusation was insulting and childish.

    As seems to be his normal mode of behaviour after insulting someone, frodon again chose to ignore me.

    As a result of this, I was contacted via pm by manicka in a very nice effort to deescalate the situation. He explained to me that he doesn't think that it was frodon's intention to insult me, to which I answered that if that was the case I'd gladly apologize. I also told him that I'd really appreciate it if frodon contacted me about this matter and he promised to pass this on. Needless to say that frodon didn't contact me.

    A few hours later, mathew chimed in in the public thread in a very unfriendly manner, which led to me also taking the freedom to answer him publicly. A calmer and generally very nice conversation via pm followed, in which I again asked that frodon contact me, if only to say, let's forget this silly stuff, which mathew promised to pass on. Needless to say, that I still haven't heard from frodon.

    And though the conversation with mathew was calm in general, I still can't get over the fact that he chose to focus on my alleged general misconduct and obviously attempted to excuse frodon's misconduct with it.

    Finally, today, Kiwinz contacted me via pm, telling me to stop personal attacks on forum staff (obviously, feeling insulted by forum staff and saying so constitutes a personal attack in his mind) and threatening me with consequences. Needless to say that he didn't even deem it necessary to waste one word on the issue that started all this, as this may have meant to be critical about members of the forum staff.

    Combined with my past experiences with some members of the forum staff (just look a bit down in the resolution center to see kassetra arguing that stating "I don't think that's the case" to someone claiming that more gtk software gets written nowadays then qt software is indeed insulting and unacceptable behaviour on this forum. Unfortunately she took the liberty to remove some of here more embarrassing comments after the thread had been closed, but it's never the less a fun read), I can't escape the conclusion that some staff members are incapable of fullfilling the roles they play here.

    As this will nearly inevitably lead to further insults, threats and harassment, after all, I dared to complain, I'd like to ask that my account be deleted. Rejoice, you've won.

    Finally, I never really understood how exactly Ubuntu and this forum are related, but as it is the official forum, I'd really recommend that Ubuntu and Canonical take a closer look at what's going on here. That, combined with not knowing who else to contact, made me post this whole thing in the resolution center.

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    Re: Time to say goodbye

    Hm, I still can log in.
    What exactly am I supposed to do to get my account deleted?

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    Re: Time to say goodbye

    Account closed as requested
    This account is not active.


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