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Thread: OpenSSH can't login remotley

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    OpenSSH can't login remotley


    I run OpenSSH on my HTPC and I can access it from within my network using WinSCP without problems if I use the network ip
    I have port 22 forwarded on my router to that network address but for some reason I cannot access SSH from outside my network.
    I've tried changing the SSH port to a higher one(I used 6000) but this didn't seem to help either.

    Do I need to alter anything else in sshd_config to make it accessible remotely?


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    You might check to see if your ISP is blocking your incoming connection:

    That can sometimes be the problem.

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    Re: OpenSSH can't login remotley

    Thanks Lars, I thought the same and checked that too. I figured out what the problem was. I'm running DD-WRT and it had a SSH server running on port 22.....

    Silly mistake on my part but I have it resolved now, just changed the routers ssh port to another and then rebooted.


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