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Thread: hp pavillion dm4 fingerprint scanner

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    hp pavillion dm4 fingerprint scanner

    I have an hp pavillion dm4 laptop, and I'm using ubuntu oneiric.
    There is a fingerprint scanner on my laptop but I'm not sure how to get use out of it with this operating system.

    Does anyone maybe know how to put the fingerprint scanner to use on ubuntu 11.10?

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    Re: hp pavillion dm4 fingerprint scanner

    Just FYI, it's an Authentec fingerprint sensor, and the drivers are not built for linux yet- although they sya they are working on them. Im assuming it's the same as mine- do lsusb in terminal, at the bottom it should say authentec, mine is 08ff:2665...

    If you ever get back to this- i'd like to know if you have updated yet, and wether your fan works overtime and your machine gets very hot?

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    Re: hp pavillion dm4 fingerprint scanner

    I need help with the same issue on an HP ENVY m4 running Ubuntu 12.10
    From lsusb:
    BUS 001 Device 003: ID 08ff:2665 AuthenTec, Inc.
    Installed Finberprint GUI 1.05~pre2
    Device shows in list as "unknown device" - I have not been able to find a driver for this . . .
    If anyone can point me to a driver, please do so!!!

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    Re: hp pavillion dm4 fingerprint scanner

    Old thread closed, please start a new thread.

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