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Thread: partition/boot mount help

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    partition/boot mount help

    Hi guys! I've searched and found a couple related posts but I want to ask the question as it directly relates to my system because I really don't want to mess anything up!

    I want to install ubuntu alongside Windows 7, on a 100GB partition I've prepared (which I'm pretty sure is /dev/sda6). Here's what I have available to me:
    /dev/sda 750.2GB   ATA WDC WD7500BPVT-8
      /dev/sda1 fat32  26.8GB Windows Recovery Environment
      /dev/sda2 ntfs  300.1GB Windows 7 (loader)
      /dev/sda5 ntfs  318.4GB <nothing>
      /dev/sda6 ntfs  104.9GB <nothing>
    So if I want to be able to dual boot, keep Windows 7, and install ubuntu on the 100GB partition, what settings do I want for
    a) the /dev/sda6 device (my options are a bunch of file system types I don't recognize plus fat16, fat32, ntfs, and swap; this is a 64-bit machine, in case that matters), and
    b) the "Device for boot loader"? Should this just be /dev/sda or do I want it to be /dev/sda6 also?

    Thank you so much, I'm excited to get started!

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    Re: partition/boot mount help

    Install Ubuntu on sda6 and mark it as /root and format as ext4.Install bootloader on sda and Ubuntu will be first OS on boot.If you want to change that you can use or I think 100GB for root is too much and it is good to have separate home partition.In case you decide you want to do it that way

    1. root=~20GB mountpoint /root
    3.home=rest of free space mountpoint /home

    If you have separate home you can reinstall,fresh install...without losing your files & setings.
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