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Thread: Installing another distro

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    Installing another distro


    Firstly, I am no 'technical wizzo' so please be patient. I currently have Ubuntu 11.10 running and Windows XP. This is on a dual boot setup, uses Grub(?) to choose between options

    Anyway, what I would like to do is install another distro without upsetting the already installed Ububtu and Windows XP.

    Can anyone advise me on the best course of action? Thanks.


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    Re: Installing another distro

    Hey, I'm not exactly a wizard on setting up and configuring grub.. so I'll leave that to someone more knowledgeable. However, do you want to install the distro to give it a spin? Because a great way would be to use a virtual machine (I recommend VirtualBox), then you can try as many distros as you want without upsetting your current setup.
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    Re: Installing another distro

    0. Test the new operating system live from a CD or USB drive. Don't try to install, if it doesn't work live! (But some systems cannot be tested live.)

    1. Backup your data before tampering with your hard drive!

    2. Select or make a partition

    If you have a spare partition, install the new distro into that, otherwise shrink one partition and use the free space for a partition for the new distro. Run a live session with gparted to edit the partition table. This is risky, so you need a backup.

    3. Install to the partition that you have selected! If it is a good distro, it will update grub so that all present operating systems will be bootable. Otherwise this can be done afterwards with live session by a Ubuntu installation CD or USB drive.

    comment: All linux versions installed can use the same swap partition, so you need not make a new one.

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    Re: Installing another distro

    Install what ever the other distro you wanna install on other partition.After installing it boot into your ubuntu and open the terminal and do this

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc
    and in the installation choose your ubuntu's hdd partition. That will gives your grub back to Ubuntu .

    from that point if you wanna make any changes to Ubuntu grub , install Grub customizer . you can get that from my link.

    All the best.
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