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Thread: Windows-Ubuntu dual boot, Wine. Adobe master suite.

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    Windows-Ubuntu dual boot, Wine. Adobe master suite.

    So, I've always used Windows only on two seperate ocations have I tried Ubuntu without going to much into it.

    now that I have a new pc (Custom Gaming rendering Rig) of course Ill still use windows for the gaming, But Id like to use my Ubuntu partition for my productivity, Office, Web, Ext.

    My Adobe MasterSuite CS5.5 Which was installed on windows under my C drive, Now from what ive found I should be able to run this using wine, but when I try to run them I get an error where it says I need to make these files executable, Which I tried but it wont stay marked, (As soon as I click the checkbox it reverts back) The apps I need are "Photoshop" "Dreamweaver" "Flash Pro" and "Fireworks".

    I dont want to reinstall the apps from Ubuntu cause that will take up Twice the space.

    Aswell Id like to be able to change my Laptops OS from Window 7 to Ubuntu, cause of the fast loading, but I need Photoshop to edit my photos on the go. so until I know it works on my desktop Im not switching over (Too bad Ubuntu looks great)


    On a side note, my Media, all my movies and TV shows I have saved in .M4V (MPEG4) with full meta data, [Artwork, Director and cast info, Chapters, Ext] but when I load em into Banshee it doesnt display Artwork and it places my Chapter titles as closed captioning?

    Thanks in advanced Drew

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    Re: Windows-Ubuntu dual boot, Wine. Adobe master suite.

    First of all, others have tried using Wine the way you want (NOT installing the actual apps) and they have failed repeatedly. That is not the way Wine is intended to work.

    Second, you have the bad luck of choosing apps that have the worst compatibility ratings in Wine. CS5 is rated Garbage -- meaning it won't work, no matter what you do. The others are rated Bronze (barely works) and silver (some things work).

    If you rely on using these apps on a daily basis, then Linux is not a goog solution for you.
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    Re: Windows-Ubuntu dual boot, Wine. Adobe master suite.

    Thread moved to the "Wine" forum.

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    Re: Windows-Ubuntu dual boot, Wine. Adobe master suite.

    Request adobe make linux versions of all the software listed, thats the real solution.


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