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Thread: Raid (md0) wont mount automatically during boot

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    Raid (md0) wont mount automatically during boot


    This is my 1st post, so please be kind to me.

    I'm running Ubuntu 64Bit 11.10 (upgraded from 11.04) installed on an IDE hard drive and I've created (after a bit of effort) a multi-disk software mirror raid consisting of 2x2TB SATA hard drives which I store all my data on, the only remaining issue I have is that the raid won't mount during boot. This did not bother my until I just spent the whole weekend trying to create a samba share on my data raid too share files with my two android devices. I have finally come to the conclusion that the samba file sharing issue is being caused by the original data raid not mounting during the boot process.

    Thus far after googling and finding a similar post of this site (unfortunately the other persons PC motherboard has died) It appears in 11.10 you have to configure which drives (other than the OS drive) are mounted automatically, this can be done by editing fstab in gedit or using a gui called "Pysdm".

    Am i right in believing that fstab is still used to mount md software raids or do i need to reconfigure mdadm.conf (which is what i believed when i was using 11.04) or both?

    Can anyone confirm if the pysdm gui supports software raids?

    I'm ready to be guided by you to resolve my issue.

    Thanks in advanced


    P.S. My Data raid has lots of files on it and I do not have another backup. The whole reason for me building the mirror raid in the 1st place was to act as a back up against hard drive failure etc.
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