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Thread: Remote desktop and Puppy Studio

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    Remote desktop and Puppy Studio

    Hello and Happy New Year, I'm using Natty with Ubuntu Studio installed. Jack plays Aqualung's music play-list for me and I'm gonna run my sub-woofer via my second machine running Puppy Studio, with Jack and Jamin controlling my 12" Peerless driver. I have one Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, So rather than a KVM box, its cheaper to buy lan switch box, I already have Network ports on the motherboards of both machines and I have Cat 5 leads. Just need to know if Natty will remote Desktop with Puppy?

    Thank you. Mike
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    Re: Remote desktop and Puppy Studio

    You might post the question in the Browser Linux section
    at the link, and a couple of the more active ones on the front page.


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