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Thread: Having trouble Installing from USB On tablet

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    Question Having trouble Installing from USB On tablet

    I have a quite outdated Tablet PC that I would like to install Ubuntu on. Searching around on the net i have found a few guides on how to intall it on my model, but i can not make sense of what they are telling me. My Tablet does not have A CD-ROM, and there are only 3 boot options in BIOS, Harddrive, Floppy, and Cd. The guides tell me to use the CD option, but it refuses to load it, and either freezes or starts windows.

    Tablet PC:
    Fujitsu stylistic
    RAM: 512mg
    Processor: Pentium II
    current OS: windows XP

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    Re: Having trouble Installing from USB On tablet

    Is that really a Pentium II? If yes, that is probably the reason why it doesn't boot since Ubuntu requires a Pentium 4 or better:

    There are some distributions that can still run on a PII. I would suggest that you look at distrowatch and search for distributions aimed at old hardware.

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