i have had quite alot of problems with my creative audigy's. i can get audio out on them now, from the audigy 2, audigy 2 nx, and the audigy 2 ex. the nx is usb so i figured it would essentially operate without "drivers".
the problem that i have is that none of the spdif optical inputs work, and now im finding the analog inputs dont work either.
i have an optical and analog going from an xbox to the nx right now and neither is detecting anything according to the sound panel in system settings.
this is the same result with the other two audigy's and with the onboard audio too. all i want is to have sound come from the xbox and play through the computer speakers, or through a bluetooth headset. headset works flawlessly so far.
ive spent most of two days combing the internet for answers and banging my head against the wall. also it may be driving me to drink... btw im running 10.10 and gnome 2.32. not sure if that helps.