I'm planning on getting a new HP Pavilion dm4t laptop. The hard disk options include a "500GB 7200 rpm + 20GB SSD" "with Intel Smart Response Technology". I'll keep Windows 7 that it comes with for occasional use, and set up dual-booting with Ubuntu as my primary OS. The HP docs don't specify the manufacturer of the drive. This drive costs an extra $150 over the base price of the laptop.

But I'm worried about the Intel "SRT". Is it supported under Linux, or will I have to essentially ignore it & treat the drive as an ordinary HDD under Linux, or is even that likely to cause problems? Are there any special issues with partitioning this kind of drive?

Now I just found that for just a slightly higher price I can buy a Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid which Seagate claims "works with any laptop with any OS" and just pull out HP's standard drive. Seagate's performance claims for this drive are impressive. Anyone aware of anything wrong with that idea? Have any problems been encountered with using the Momentus XT drive under Linux?