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Thread: Dedicated Emulation PC

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    Dedicated Emulation PC

    I am looking at building a Emulation PC. Essentially, I will use UBUNTU, a variety of emulators, and 4 or so USB controllers, connected the computer to a TV to make a home Emulator computer.

    I want to set up Ubuntu, so that at startup it automatically opens a front end (maybe like this to allow launching of emulators and games.

    I wanted to know, are there some similar projects you have seen? I have searched around, and maybe I didnt use the right phrase... but I couldn't find anything.

    Furthermore, is there a reason Ubuntu is a bad idea for this?


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    Re: Dedicated Emulation PC

    I'm not sure how well it works or how easy it is to set up (for emulators), but XBMC can launch emulators with specific games. It can also scrape for artwork for the games too IIRC.

    It also gives you a nice media centre front end if you wanted to stick some music/videos on the same box.
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