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    Wayland Live CD


    I posted about this earlier in the middle a thread, but it appears that the thread got jailed after an argument broke out or something.

    Anyway, I know that many people are interested in testing out the new Wayland Display Server, but many people can't test it without building themselves, which can be a very difficult task.

    I am working on a Wayland Live CD here: Right now, it does have the Wayland Display server on it, but it does not yet have the nested x server, or the Wayland versions of any toolkits that are ported to Wayland. I still need to figure out how to build those...

    Wayland can work in a window under X, or it can run in a TTY. It does not work in virtual box at all, due to the drivers not supporting it, and I only tested on Intel hardware.

    If you want to run it in a tty, you must run
    sudo bash
    because sudo removes the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, which is needed.

    believe it or not, Wayland apparently already supports spanning across two monitors. I attached a picture of it running. The garbage and ghosting on the first screen is due to a faulty screen, which is going to be replaced.

    As for the name of the project, yes. I AM a fan of her.
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