Hi everyone.

I'm still figuring my way through Linux, so I apologize if this is something I should know how to do. I'm trying to set up a localhost on my machine because I do some web development. I followed a guide I found on-line on installing Apache and using the sudo nautilus command so that when I go to localhost in my web browser, it points it to the /var/www directory on my computer and treats that like a server. But I'm wondering if there's any way to configure it so that it uses a different directory instead of /var/www. The reason is because I'm working on more than one web development project, so I'd like to have different directories for each one I'm working on, rather than having to move each one in or out of /var/www each time I want to work on it.

Just wondering if anyone knows whether there's a setting somewhere that will help me do this. If not, then can you tell me how most web developers handle this problem? I'm assuming I can't be the only one who works on more than one project at a time? Thanks in advance.