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Thread: mencoder and fast forward

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    mencoder and fast forward

    Hy everybody,

    i recently bought an Panasonic DMP-BDT110EG Player and try
    to create avi files from my dvd collection. First thing i
    have to learn is that avi is no format, only the xvid format
    is running.

    If i encode a dvd with the following line:

    mencoder -dvd-device ${directory} dvd://1
    -o ${directory}/${output}
    -ovc xvid
    -oac copy
    -xvidencopts pass=2:bitrate=2000
    -vf scale=1366:768

    I got an avi which is able to fast forward, but only until
    ca half of the movie. When i try to play, the picture freezes.
    I have different running high resultion avi files which are
    able to fast forward until the end of the film, from windows
    i would assume. So i think mencoder is the problem.

    Are there any suggestions, what i can do better? Are there better
    tools on linux? I use Ubuntu 64 10.04

    Many Thanks in advance


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    Re: mencoder and fast forward

    Quote Originally Posted by YustAnotherLinuxFriend View Post
    -xvidencopts pass=2:bitrate=2000
    -vf scale=1366:768
    In order to do two-pass encoding you need to do, um, two passes! See this for details.

    If your DVD player can handle MP4 files, I suggest using Handbrake and converting to that format instead of AVI. MP4 will let you use H.264 encoding instead of XviD. Probably the most versatile container format these days is Matroska (.mkv), but commercial players generally don't support that. If yours does, then I'd use Handbrake to encode to H.264 in the Matroska container with AAC or AC3 audio.

    If you stick with the XviD/AVI combination, I'd recommend recoding the audio to MP3 as they do in the examples in that document.
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