Hi there I have a atheros card [168c:001c]
I think that this card uses the ath5k well at least it use too.
Well I* got the bright idea to install compat wireless and thi9ngs went down hill from there. so I uninstalled compat (followed the read me page) well after that I can not get the thig to fire anymore. this is what I have tried
hp_wmi and ath5k
rfkill list all shows hardblock yes but no matter how many times I press the button I get nothing still hard\blocked

tried to remove the hp_wmi as I know that this mod causes trouble. heck I even tried to remove the ath5k to nothing. sometimes if I remove and put back together it works but then I shut off and back to the start all over again. so I did it again but this time I wrote all things down and made a script tried running the script and still getting nothing.

I* have cat5 so if you would like to see anything pl;ease say so