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Thread: Where are sane and xsane logs kept?

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    Red face Where are sane and xsane logs kept?

    Where can I check error messages created by either sane or xsane scanner software?

    My problem is this:

    I have an Epson Stylus Photo PX710W all-in-one scanner/printer, connected to the network via Ethernet cable.

    I have a laptop(works great) and a new PC, which I'm currently setting up and has a new install of Ubuntu.

    Both are running 10.04 Lucid, 64 bit versions.

    I've installed the same versions of iscan on both machines (I backed up the install debs, etc. when I first got the printer working on the laptop, over a year ago).

    The printer part works on both the laptop and PC with no problems at all.

    I've got the firewall on the problem PC switch off while I'm trying to get things to work.

    The scanner part works well from the laptop, but fails from the PC. The scanner moves slightly, sounds as if it's going to work, but fails, with xsane reporting 'Error during read: Error during I/O', at which point the Epson flashes all it's light in an error state and locks up until switched off.

    Anyone got any ideas, of how I can compare the 2 machines or check the logs on both, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Where are sane and xsane logs kept?

    I didn't think this would be a difficult question.

    Guess I was wrong.

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