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Thread: Using Hotmail with IMAP on Ubuntu

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    Using Hotmail with IMAP on Ubuntu

    I installed Ubuntu 11.10

    I need to use Hotmail and retain folder structure and read status.

    Thunderbird uses POP3 and downloads 20000 messages in one folder and marks all messages as unread.

    Is there a free service or setting using any email client which lets me retain folder structure and read status of emails?

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    Re: Using Hotmail with IMAP on Ubuntu

    Not sure exactly what you are asking but I have both Hotmail and Thunderbird working in 11.04. Both download into the Inbox but I have folders in each that I transfer the copies I want to save to folders I named.

    The folders I had in Hotmail were there when I switched from Win$ to Ubuntu. I developed the folders in Thunderbird by right clicking below the Local Folders, clicking new folders and naming them. Once that is done you just "drag" the email to the folder you want to store it in. (Did the mass a while back so don't remember if marking several would drag them all over at the same time or not.)

    This all took a little while but, now that the major is completed, it only takes a few seconds each day to complete the task.
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