For those wanting to install Team Speak on Ubuntu 11.10...

I finally got TS downloaded onto Ubuntu 11.10 - with help from the volunteers at a Linux support group. I downloaded Client 64-bit 3.0.2 (I'm not sure if the version matters, though, because it did the same thing as the other download). However, the volunteer recognized the first lines of the text file:

#! /bin/sh

which means that it's an executable file, but it needs a different 'shell', whatever that is. He went throught a few steps in Terminal (the DOS window) which I can't remember.

However, if you double click on the text file icon (which will be in the Downloads folder), a window pops up with the option, Run in Terminal, which you should do. That should lead to a folder appearing in the Downloads folder with the same name as the text file


Go into the folder and click on the executable file of the same name as the above and the software installs almost instantaneously.

Bingo and you're away. (:>)

I hope this helps other Ubuntu 11.10 users.