Could somebody help me understand some of the issues with both the OSS and proprietary ATI drivers and their relationship to the new kernel, Gnome3/Unity/Cinnamon, and how any of them would work in KDE/XFCE?

I ended up replacing what used to be a high end Nvidia card from 4 years ago with a budget gaming card from the Radeon family....Wow! It was a $70 from NewEGG and it plays Skyrim on the highest settings in Windows. I dont think there is a single Nvidia card in that price range that compares, though I think this card was made to take advantage of my CPU and system ram, sort of a hybrid discrete/shared setup if I understand right....So, as a budget card it more than meets my needs.

Well.....thats until I installed a newer Ubuntu based distro. What exactly is the problem? I installed the proprietary drivers with updates, and now I cant even play Urban terror without the graphics F-ing up? This is with the proprietary driverI also do video editing and screencasts and use my computer as a multi-media entertainment station for multiple monitors.

So, how can I get some half decent gaming performance out of this card, and still support multiple screens and screencasts?

Do I use the OSS driver with Gnome3, the proprietary driver with KDE? Is the issue GTK3, or is it a kernel bug? Im not sure how to tackle this or even what my options are. Im not stuck on any desktop environment, I just want my hardware to work.