(reposted from sound troubleshooting sticky)

Hi, I'm running 11.10 on a Panasonic CF-30, and recently upgraded from 11.04. However, I'm still quite new to Ubuntu, having migrated from OS X.

My problem isn't so much with the sound drivers (tried that): sound in general is fine. However, where in 11.04 I could choose between 'analog output' and 'analog headphones' in the output tab of the sound control panel. After upgrading, the only option left is 'analog headphones' which controls both speaker and headphones. Muting either headphones or front speaker in Alsamixer will result in killing sound altogether. It would of course be ideal if the OS would sense whether I've plugged in my headphones and mute the speaker then, but I could live with the 11.04 solution of having to choose the sound output port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I've run out of steam on my own.

Link to Alsa project log file: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=50...429b39271a0c07 (originally forgot, thanks for reminding)

Screenshot from Alsamixer:

p.s. I should mention that I also uninstalled and re-installed PulseAudio after upgrading since it continued to crash. Didn't make much difference, though.