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Thread: Patch to add "up" and "home" buttons to Nautilus toolbar

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    Patch to add "up" button to Nautilus toolbar

    When I upgraded to Oneiric, I was disappointed with the changes to Nautilus. Specifically, I didn't like the removal of the up button (up to parent folder) from the toolbar. I was also annoyed that the reload button and the home button were removed from the toolbar. In addition, I wanted to move the buttons to the left of the location entry.

    So I made a patch to make Nautilus look like this:

    Instead of this:

    It works for me, but I'm not much of a coder, so no guarantees.
    Of course, others are free to modify this for their own needs.
    I should note, this patch is intended for 11.10 Oneiric. Previous versions do no need this patch because they already have this functionality.

    I've made three versions of the patch that do different things. The first only adds the up button. The second adds the up and home buttons. The third adds up, reload and home buttons. Only one is needed. Choose the patch to download here:

    nautilus-up_button-patch.txt (Up button only)
    nautilus-toolbar-patch.txt (Up and Home buttons)
    nautilus-toolbar-patch.txt (Up, Reload and Home buttons)


    Make a new directory to work in, then download the nautilus source code and dependencies:

     mkdir nautilus-mod
    cd nautilus-mod
    apt-get source nautilus
    sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus
    Then go to the nautilus source directory:

    cd nautilus-3.2.1
    and move the nautilus-toolbar-patch.txt file to the source directory

    mv [location of patch] .
    Patch the source code:

    patch -p1 < nautilus-toolbar-patch.txt
    If the patch is successful, build nautilus

    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    Kill any running nautilus process, then install system-wide:

    killall -KILL nautilus
    sudo make install
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