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Thread: Shortcut to shutdown menu

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    Shortcut to shutdown menu

    Can't seem to find this in the forums, but, is there a keyboard shortcut to the shutdown menu?

    CTRL-ALT-DEL takes me to the logout menu.

    I'd like a shortcut to the shutdown menu so that I don't have to click on the top right icon every time. Is it possible?

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    Re: Shortcut to shutdown menu

    Have a look at the keyboard shortcuts and remap a key
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    Re: Shortcut to shutdown menu

    Try this:


    sudo init 0

    You could also write an executable for that, save it and create a link to it or assign it a hotkey. Have to enter a password each time though, unless you store it in the file.

    You could also try the solution(s) listed here:

    Good luck!
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    Re: Shortcut to shutdown menu

    In older versions the command was (I think) gnome-session-save.

    In 11.10 you can press alt + F2 and enter
    gedit /usr/share/applications/indicator-session-shutdown.desktop
    Inside it there should be a line that begins with Exec=
    Copy/Paste the command that follows (/usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper --shutdown) in an alt + F2 dialog and press <enter> and see what happens. I'm not logged in to Ubuntu now so I can't test to see if it will work.

    If it does the trick you can go to Keyboard shortcuts and create a new mapping.
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