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Thread: Kmail2 to Evolution

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    Kmail2 to Evolution

    I am sick an tired of all the Kmail2 problems. I also lost my believe the Kmail will ever deliver on all the promises they made and make. Since I have no ability to read any emails since days, it's time to get rid of Kmail/Kontact fast.

    I would prefer a PIM, so Thunderbird is not really an alternative.
    It appears that Evolution does give me the functionality I expect.

    Any experience or advice with Evolution under Ubuntu 11.10, I have quite a large amount of data (ca 10 GB)

    My only basis for a recommendation right now is:

    Thanks for any advice

    Ubuntu 11.10 64

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    Re: Kmail2 to Evolution

    Kmail made me so furious today that I pulled the plug and am moving to Evolution.

    Moving from Kmail to Evolution is extremely easy and works. The problem for me is only that I am now suffering from missing emails out of this Kmail mess. But this is not due to the transfer process or Evolution. Kmail deserves the blame - again.

    This is the way to go:

    Step 1: You start Evolution and create exactly the same folder structure in Evolution as you have in Kmail

    Step 2: Copy and paste one by one the folder contents in Kmail (curr, new and tmp) to the respective newly opened same folder in Evolution and replace the empty curr, new, tmp folders. Tmp is usually empty. It's as easy as that.

    Step 3: close Evolution and the folders are updated

    ONE BIG WARNING: I thought I had lost thousands of emails during this process and probably I have. Just: I noticed now that Kmail 4.7.3 shows me the mails in the folder structure, but in fact they are not in the respective email account so this is where my missing emails have vanished. They are just not there. Anymore? All available emails are however properly transferred. Of course, I only see the vanished?? emails in the folder tree because I have lost access to see and read any emails and only get this bloody "retrieving folder contents..please wait"..

    It's obious that this dam....Kmail mess is responsible for the vanished emails. Now the question is only, am I able to recover them again somewhere. So far no luck.
    But for sure am I never going to touch Kmail ever again, this program should be doomed.

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