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Thread: Bandwidthd on OpenBSD 5.1

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    Bandwidthd on OpenBSD 5.1

    Hey Guys

    Might not be in the right area for this might try my luck though

    I have bandwidthd up and running on my OpenBSD, everything is working. All was happy.

    I wanted to change the ip address from 192.168.5.X to 192.168.26.X

    I have made the changes to pf.conf, dhcpd.conf, bandwidthd.conf and hostname.em0

    When I go to 192.168.26.X now, it brings up the BandwidthD page but it still has the old IP addresses on there. Doesnt seem to bring up my new IP address range

    How can I fix this??

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    Re: Bandwidthd on OpenBSD 5.1

    Moved to Other OS/Distro Talk.


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