Hello everyone.

I've recently updated to iOS 5.0.1, because of three reasons:
- The untethered jailbreak was recently released
- Siri was recently ported to A4 devices on Cydia via Spire
- I wished to test how libimobiledevice and its partner libraries work for iOS 5. (I'm well aware of what works, what partly works, and what remains untested, but I wanted to see for myself.)

I'm well aware that libgpod can only support current non-jailbroken A4 devices such as the iPad, iPhone 4, and the fourth generation iPod touch as read-only devices. When I was on 4.3.3, I jailbroke my iPod touch, changed the DBVersion, and used a generated HashInfo to remedy some of the issues was giving me.


However, I wished to know the current status of libimobiledevice and the other libraries that libimobiledevice requires to operate. I've checked on libimobiledevice's website, and it said that libimobiledevice version 1.2.0 was supposed to be out by the end of October, but seeing as how it's December, and the current development/unstable version of the library is STILL at 1.1.1, I just wanted to know what happened.

I know developing this stuff is hard and sh*t, and I'm not expecting miracles, but I find it curious that libimobiledevice is a tad behind schedule.


So what's the current status of libimobiledevice and its sister projects? I also wanna know how I can contribute to development of the library.