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Thread: HELP! Cant log in after unplugging PS3 webcam

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    HELP! Cant log in after unplugging webcam

    I can't login as my main admin account.

    I am running Ubuntu 10.04. In my main admin account I just installed Skype and went into Preferences-->Startup Applications-->Options and clicked remember currently running applications to make Skype start at login.

    I then got my PS3 Eye to work with video and audio after some googling. I plugged it in and rebooted then changed pulseaudio input device to analog output and digital input with PS3 Eye selected as default input device. So far so good. Tested in Skype options and sound recorder...all good.

    I then unplugged USB cable for EYE and my screen went blank...nothing worked. I did a hard reset and got to login screen, but after typing my password there is a pause and then right back to login screen. All my other accounts will let me login but not my main admin account. Have tried failsafe session and xterm session..same thing - right back to login screen.

    reposted at this link with updates

    I have managed to get logged in and user working. It was an ugly work around with no real idea what the problem really was, but the account is again usable. For more info follow the above link.
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